Community Mentor Network





Q1. Do I need a background check?

A1. Yes. All regular teachers, substitute, and contract vendors working for Albuquerque and Rio Rancho public schools must have a background check before working with the students.

Q2. What is the expiration time for the background check?

A2. Background checks are good for two years.

Q3. Who pays for the background check?

A3. First time mentors working for CMN are responsible for the cost of the background check.

Q4. What is the cost of the background check?

A4. $44.00 pays to APS or Rio Rancho finger printing and background check administration department.

Q5. Is there a commitment period to CMN organization?

A5. No. However, the commitment is to the students from 7th grade through 12th grade to mentor and follow their success up to college level.

Q6. Do CMN mentor students during after school hours?

A6. Yes. A few schools do have after school hours. Most of APS and Rio Ranch prefer mentorship during school hours.

Q7. What is the commitment to the students?

A7. One hour per week which is equivalent to one class period, Monday through Friday, hours are negotiated to match mentor/mentee schedule, and mentor/mentee are match same sex. 

Q8. Do mentors get training?

A8. Yes. It is mandatory training online and class room environment style training. Online training duration is two hours max and class room training is for 1.5 days. First day duration is 8 hours and second day is 4 hours. 

Q9. How are mentors and mentee match?

A9. Mentor and mentee fill out a questionnaire highlighting the mentor’s skills and experience and mentee specific need. The mentor and mentee will be of the same sex. 

Q10. Do the mentors get paid a salary?

A10. No. The mentors at CMN are a volunteer position. 

Q11. Do mentors have different roles?

A11. Yes. CMN have three different types of roles. There is a one on one role where the mentor tutors a student in math as an example. A second role, the mentor work with a teacher in the class room, the teacher is in charge of the class room but the mentor assist a student who is not keeping up with the class. A third role is a mentor work with a specific group of students on a specific project or goal.

Q12. Is there an age restriction?

A12. Yes. Eighteen years and older. High school graduate and